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New Website Trends to Look Out for in 2024

New Website Trends to Look Out for in 2024

For ecommerce brands and SaaS companies that need to communicate a lot of information quickly, hero sections have become the perfect place to incorporate dynamic elements. Using various tools, teams can streamline hero sections and see what attracts the most attention.

This design trend is almost grunge in its simplicity and non-conformist approach. Pair brutalism with pops of modern color and typography to stand out from the competition. This guide is going to discuss the real website trends that are trending, inspiring you to explore unique design elements. 

Typographic Hero Images

Rather than a full-screen image, hero images can be made up of a series of text blocks that draw the eye. This allows you to communicate key messages and calls-to-action without distracting from the overall visual aesthetic of your website.

For example, skincare company BYOMA uses this approach on their homepage with a scrolling effect that turns the hero image into a “rabbit hole.” This adds intrigue for visitors and makes the site more interactive, giving you confidence in the effectiveness of this design trend.

Oversized typography is another popular design trend that transforms simple written content into a captivating visual element. For ecommerce and retail sites that need to feature several products or CTAs on their homepage, this type of collage is a great way to make an impactful impression while keeping the site clean and uncluttered.

Immersive experiences are becoming increasingly popular on websites due to new technologies such as virtual reality (VR). These VR experiences are a great way to give your audience an inside look at your brand or product while also providing value and creating a memorable user experience.

Inclusivity is a growing concern for web designers, and it’s important to ensure that your website is accessible to all users. This could mean incorporating accessibility features into your interfaces, such as using a keyboard shortcut to navigate, or it could mean including high-quality videos and transcripts in your content.

Organic Shapes

The days of websites that bombard visitors with different images, videos, and headings are long gone. Brands are now embracing simple hero sections that include only their most important messaging to improve user experience and increase conversions.

The use of curved lines and organic shapes is also set to be more popular in website design in 2024. These geometric shapes help to add some personality and flair to a site without distracting from the content itself. 

Another trend that is likely to continue into 2024 is the use of personalized website content. This could take the form of displaying products that users have recently viewed or saved on an ecommerce site, or it could be more subtle, such as showing recommended articles based on previous searches on a directory website.

One final trend to look out for in website design in 2024 is the use of gaussian blur. This is a subtle effect that gives an image or text a more dreamy, psychedelic feel. It’s an effective way to make your content more eye-catching, and it can be used in conjunction with other design elements like gradients to create a striking visual.

Animated Cursors

Staying abreast of the current web design trends is crucial for creating a modern, user-friendly website that supports search engine performance and critical user behavioral metrics such as time on page.

Incorporating these design elements effectively can enhance the user experience (UX) and maximize impact. Observing visitor reactions to these new designs will guide you in making decisions that add value to your website.

One of the recent trends in web design is the use of animated cursors. This simple but effective micro-interaction gives visitors a playful aesthetic that adds to the overall site design and can reinforce your brand’s personality. It also invites visitors to interact with your website by introducing elements like scrolling animations, hover effects, and cursor-triggered animations.

Kinetic typography is another trend that can capture attention and convey your brand’s unique character. Unlike traditional sans serif fonts that can be difficult to read on small screens, kinetic typography is legible and scales up well for mobile devices.

You can also use it to draw the viewer’s eye to specific sections of a page or highlight a headline. The above example from Gravity Global uses a simple but effective kinetic headline to instantly grab the reader’s attention and communicate what the company does.

Another trend that adds movement and visual interest to your website is the use of cinemagraphs. These high-quality videos and GIFs are a great way to grab attention, add visual intrigue, and keep viewers engaged. You can see this effect in action on the above website for Engineered Floors, where the images of furniture wiggle as you scroll.

Serif Fonts

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class or give your designs a more modern feel, serif fonts are one of the best ways to do it. These fonts are distinguished by their small lines that extend from each letter, resulting in the unique look of serifs. Serifs are a great choice for large blocks of text because they make it easier for the eye to travel across.

If you’re searching for a sleek and elegant serif font, consider Deluce Luxury Serif, a clean typeface that features upper-case letters, numbers, and punctuation. It also has matching italics, making it a great option for titles and headers.

Gunterhaus is another classic serif font that combines the key features of transitional and slab serifs to create a timeless style. This distinct font is ideal for use in high-end products, magazines, and book titles.

While serifs are great for establishing a more traditional tone, sans serif fonts are better suited for more contemporary designs. Sans serifs are minimalist and simplistic, and they often feature rounded edges, which makes them easier to read in smaller sizes. These fonts are also popular for creative branding designs like logos and business cards.

Final Words!

When it comes to implementing all these website trends, Venice Web Design is ready to help. Our developers are superheroes who can turn your key determinations into reality.

We can customize a website that fits your needs and budget, and our graphic designers come up with stunning visuals that will captivate your visitors. We also provide maintenance services to keep your website up-to-date and secure.