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How does WordPress security help to Secure your Website?

A simple WordPress security plugin can protect 43% of your website from hackers and threats. But, many companies don’t understand the importance of web security or don’t take it seriously. The lower the security, the easier to steal information. This makes the hacker’s job easy.

Venice Web Design is here to provide a defence by giving you the best security to protect your website. We are highly skilled in cyber security for WordPress Development which helps our customers achieve higher rankings in their market. 

A Short Overview of WordPress Security Scan

A WordPress equity scan checks the files that run on your websites and detects any harmful virus or code that a hacker can place on your website. Some scanners also use weak passwords to access their website or outdated files, so we provide users with the best solutions and recommendations to fix them. 

Thus, thorough security can check all the websites to the WordPress core, your theme, and all the installed plugins to scan for any dangerous security vulnerabilities. These scans are effective because they check every part of your website. Remember, security is something you can not compromise.

Why is Security Scan essential for your WordPress Site?

Companies should know that cybersecurity is one of the most vital services of their website. A successful attack can be a disaster for your site and affect your business’s growth and reputation. Moreover, it can also cause leakage of sensitive data. 

Data breaches may cause costly repairs, lost revenue, and compromise confidential client data. Programmers are constantly creating new technologies that harm website owners. Therefore, taking proper measures to protect your company’s data is essential.

However, taking proper measures will not totally eliminate the possibility of hacks. Without adequate security scanning, you leave yourself and those who visit your site susceptible to attacks like SEO spam from undetected intrusions. Keeping up with your website’s security requires time and expertise.

Venice Web Design can help protect your site and keep you safe from attacks freeing you up to focus on business operations and growing your brand.

Finding Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress is the most popular web development platform in the industry today.  With its collection of plugins and other tools, it is very powerful in website customization. However, it also creates security vulnerabilities because every plugin and theme you add to your site can affect everything else.

Therefore, these useful database tools can help secure your website. But, technology changes quickly, so the best way to ensure the security of your website is to keep these scanning tools up to date. 

WordPress Theme Security

WordPress themes are most vulnerable to attack, and they require regular updates. Here are a few reasons why;

  • Out of date From an unknown source       
  • Incompatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Before applying any theme to your website, 
  • ensure it is safe and trusted.

WordPress Security Plugins

Most WordPress Plugins are safe, but 97.1% of security vulnerabilities in the themes report come from the plugins. Plugins are one of the most attractive parts for hackers. But with each plugin that you download on your site, you open the risk for;

  • Brute attacks       
  • Unexpected site behaviour
  • Data loss
  • Viruses 
  • Malware

Before you add a plugin to your website, research it first. There are a lot of plugins to choose from, making it easy to focus on whether the plugin can solve the problem you are facing. 

WordPress Core Security

WordPress core software controls user accounts and authentication. It also manages the details like;

  • User names       
  • User ids     
  • Passwords    
  • Content upload

But this is valuable information that you also need to protect. Without solid core security, your site is open to brute-force attacks. 

Detect Malware

It doesn’t take a lot of technical experience to build a website, but without fantastic security features, you might not know someone is trying to hack your website. You might notice a jump in traffic or a significant increase in login attempts, which may show up on the server side.  

Malware is software that’s dangerous for your website and your business, this tool that can scan for and locate malicious software is vital. Venice Web Design is here to help customers around the globe grow their businesses by having a safe and efficient website.

We provide all the services at very affordable rates, but this doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality of the services. We provide you with high-quality and reliable services for the ease of your business. 

A Quick Round Off!

To summarize the discussion, before you start a website or have a well-established website, you need to have a robust security system to prevent your business from being attacked. This way, you can gain the client’s trust, and they are more likely to come back to your website as they think their confidential data is safe with you. Venice Web Design is one of the best and most professional WordPress companies with all the website solutions.

From website development to protection, we offer a wide range of services, so you don’t have to go anywhere. We have professionals with decades-long experience who go through your website and discover problems. This way, it becomes easy for them to detect and solve the problems accordingly.