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A Guide to Shared Hosting Best Practices

You presumably have realized that each site resides on a web server. Since servers are costly, the vast majority of businesses don’t have their own servers. All things being equal, they utilize the servers given by a web hosting organization.

Web facilitating organizations let you store your site on their servers for a much lower cost than you’d have spent on the off chance you attempted to purchase and keep up with your own server.

With shared facilitating, one server can have numerous sites, and every one of the sites on that server will share the server’s assets. That is the reason we can offer shared facilitating to you for such a reasonable price.

Venice Web Design is one of the professional companies that offer WordPress Hosting services. We provide high-quality services to our customers at very competitive rates. 

Be careful. If you don’t trust your web hosting company, you should stay away from shared hosting because any security issues they have with their dedicated and VPS hosting plans would be exacerbated if you select their shared hosting plan.

Is Shared Hosting Reliable?

Shared Hosting is a completely legitimate method for deciding to store your site. Particularly on the off chance that you’re a novice or your web-facilitating budget isn’t huge. However, if your web hosting service doesn’t do what’s needed to keep its servers secure, shared hosting/facilitating is an especially risky choice since every one of the sites on a common server utilizes similar assets.

The best web hosts will find exceptional ways to keep their common servers secure, so you don’t need to forfeit security for lower costs.

Here are a few highlights you can search for to ensure your web host is a safe choice:

High uptime

A web host that ensures high uptime is likely to value server security. To delineate the explanation, we can ensure 99.9% uptime, which means we’re continually monitoring our servers. We screen our server programming and equipment, and we upgrade gear before it gets an opportunity to get harmed.

SSL Certificate

Your data is encrypted by an SSL certificate so that even if hackers do obtain it. They won’t be able to decipher it. Without an SSL certificate, you aren’t even permitted to collect credit card information online because SSL certificates are so important to website security.

Whether or not you have an SSL certificate has an impact on everything, including your search engine rating.

Pick a web host that has an SSL certificate installed on their own website. Additionally, confirm that your host offers SSL certificates for your website and that all of their hosting plans, including their most affordable shared hosting plans, are SSL certificate compliant.

Recurring backups

You’ll be able to sleep much better knowing that your website is backed up somewhere secure if something does go wrong with it. Pick a hosting company that does regular backups. You can rely on the expertise of VWD for these and many features.

Defense against DDoS attacks

A DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack is a type of cyberattack in which a bad actor floods your server with traffic, sapping server resources and preventing valuable resources from reaching your website. Naturally, this results in downtime.

This is a specific weakness of shared servers since websites already share server resources, which means that resources are already constrained, and if even one website on the server is attacked, this might have an impact on the other websites on the server.

Software that has been maliciously developed is known as malware. Malware is capable of modifying your website’s design and rerouting users to shady websites, among other unpleasant things. Your reputation suffers when your website is plagued with malware and if you operate an eCommerce website. Or, depending on your website for income, your revenues suffer as well.

Antiviral software and malware detection

Select a hosting company that offers regular malware scans and powerful antivirus tools that can guard against the most popular tactics hackers use to weaken your website if you want to safeguard it from malware. Venice Web Design helps many companies around the world and gives them the protection they deserve. 

Domain name protection

To prevent hackers from obtaining your personal contact information simply by checking the public domain name registry, reputable web servers offer WHOIS domain name privacy. Select a web host that provides this security.

Monitoring of servers, networks, and websites

A web host that genuinely cares about maintaining the security of your website will keep an eye on its networks, server, and other systems.

They constantly examine their servers for performance issues and look for odd traffic that could indicate a DDoS assault. If they notice anything isn’t right, they’ll also take immediate action to repair it.

A conclusion

Shared hosting has a negative reputation as the least secure type of web hosting. Dedicated and VPS hosting are undoubtedly more secure hosting solutions. However, this does not imply that shared hosting is necessarily less secure.

You can rely on the expertise of Venice Web Design and take full advantage of our hosting services. We are one of the well-established companies that provide safe and efficient web hosting services.