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The pandemic brought a lot of changes to our lives, from learning to work remotely 100% to managing our professional lives from home. We have also seen many changes to how we do business.

Companies must shift the majority of their business activity online to remain competitive. But, this presents major problems for many as they face a lack of knowledge and resources in this area. Hence, in this article we will discuss an important step to website success – choosing the right domain name.

Why is a Domain Name Important?

Perfect Domain Name

Competition is so great it can be difficult to get recognized online. More than ever it is important to stand out from the crowd with a unique domain name and this decision can make or break your brand. Not to worry, Venice Web Design provides excellent Domain Name Services to start you on the right track.

Why You Should Work With Venice Web Design?

As your online partner, Venice Web Design (VWD) will research relevant, meaningful domain names associated with your business that are as short and easy to remember as possible. We provide all top-level domain extensions (TLDs) which offer more options when the .com version you desire is not available.

Find a Relevant Domain Name

Best Domain Name

Sometimes the domain name of your choice is already owned by another individual or company. This is where having a knowledgable partner in the industry is crucial. Many choose to use hyphens, mutilated spellings of known words, strange filler words or numbers in place of words (i.e. 2 instead of To). Some alternative options are not always bad, however it depends on your brand and what better options are available. The goal is to be relevant and distinctive to your business which will increase opportunities to be ranked in Google and other online search engines. The more memorable the name, the more customers will come back to interact which leads to massive traffic directed to your website increasing repeat business. VWD will help you find the best domain name for your company.


Keyword Rich Domain Name

Think about how we use online search. We enter the keywords or keyphrases we are looking for right? The same is true for websites. When your domain name contains keywords describing your business that increases the chance of your web site appearing in search. Users then feel more comfortable clicking on those links.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude the discussion, finding the perfect domain name for your business is an important first step and may require a bit of research. Therefore, you should choose a knowledgeable partner in the industry to assist and share best practices. You can rely on the experts at Venice Web Design. We have a team of professionals with decades long experience that provide Special Domain services and are willing to work with you in selecting the best domain name for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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