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What happens when clean files from your computer are uploaded to a web-server for all to access? Are you sure those webpages, documents and multi-media files are safe? For many the answers is NO. Online attacks using sql injection and other scripting technics have become a major issue.

Our website protection tools are constantly looking for malware or viruses. Don't let your site be banned from search engines, find vulnerabilities before search engines do as to not be blacklisted. We scan your forms, login and password fields, internal and external links places where a hacker could get in to steal information or infect your customers with spyware, malware, back doors and SQL injection.

Open source Content Management System (CMS) sites like Wordpress (for example) are even more at risk, particularly when security updates elapse. A Website Security tool that eradicates vulnerabilities and displays a seal of protection on your website is essential for customer confidence.

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