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Domain Services

Choosing the right domain name(s) is a crucial first step to the success of your online business. VWD will help you select a domain name that best suits your company’s brand identity. It’s also a good idea to register multiple domains to direct visitors to your business. For example, let’s say you chose as your domain name. When attempting to locate you on the web some visitors may type or etc. Owning multiple variations of the web site name will drive all traffic to your site instead of losing those potential customers to someone else or error pages.

Obtaining the other popular extensions for your chosen domain is a good practice as well. You wouldn’t want someone with malice intent to own or .org and have visitors negatively associate your business with them

Private Domain Registration protects your personal information from being accessible in the public Whois database of registrars. Without this service your contact information is public and available to anyone to use as they chose. Think of private registration as placing your home phone number on the Government ‘Do Not Call List’ or unlisting it in the local telephone book.


Below are a few of our most popular Domain Services: ~ Domain Registration ~ Domain Transfers ~ Private Registration ~ Bulk Domain Purchases ~ Domain Monitoring (for desired domains that are currently owned by another registrar)

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