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Effusive Hair Salon’s Journey to Improved Online Visibility

In a digital age where customers first turn to the internet to discover local businesses, Effusive Hair Salon understood the importance of being present in local searches to attract new clients and remain competitive in the market.


Effusive Hair Salon in Crofton, Maryland
Effusive Hair Salon in Crofton, Maryland
Effusive hair Salon

Effusive Hair Salon, located in Crofton, Maryland faces intense competition in the local Washington, DC Metro Area’s beauty industry. Yes, they do have a loyal clientele.  However, in a digital age where customers first turn to the internet to discover local businesses, Effusive understood the importance of being present in local search to attract new clients and remain competitive in the market.


Although, the salon has built a loyal customer base through great client experience and the power of referrals, their online presence was sorely underperforming.

Effusive needed a targeted strategy, to connect with potential customers actively seeking the types of specialized styles they are known for including the use of multiple colors.

Customers rely heavily on the internet to discover and engage with businesses and improving Effusive’s presence in local search became a top priority.


Venice Web Design implemented a comprehensive strategy to enhance Effusive Hair Salon’s visibility through local SEO and online listing management:

The VWD Approach to local SEO improvement:

Venice Web Design used a hybrid approach combining APIs and manual submissions to claim, create, and optimize business listings.

This approach ensured that Effusive Hair Salon’s information was accurate and up-to-date across various online directories.

Local Business Pages on Google Business Profile, Bing, and Yelp:

The salon’s business listings on key platforms such as Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Bing Places, and Yelp were created, claimed, and continuously optimized to provide potential customers with their accurate information.

Voice Search Readiness:

Venice Web Design prepared Effusive Hair Salon for the future of local SEO by ensuring their data was available on voice search platforms like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, and Google Assistant.

GPS Navigation & Mapping Apps:

Effusive’s name, address and their phone number information was distributed to leading mapping apps, including Apple, Here, Waze, and TomTom. Making it easy for potential customers to find their location.

Professional Listing Management Services:

These listings were consistently managed to ensure they remained up-to-date and fully optimized for maximum visibility.


Effusive Hair Salon’s strategic partnership with Venice Web Design yielded notable improvements across key performance metrics, each contributing to their enhanced online visibility

NAP Score 

(Name, Address, Phone Number) 

Initial Score – 20%
Improved Score – 97%

As a result, ensuring that the salon’s essential business information was consistent and accurate across various online platforms, providing potential customers with reliable contact details.

Directory Score

Initial Score – 32%
Improved Score – 97%

Maximizing the salon’s presence on online directories and platforms, making it easier for customers to find and engage with their services.

Presence Score

Initial Score – 27%
Improved Score -95%

Establishing a commanding online presence through the creation and optimization of various digital assets, enhancing the salon’s digital footprint.

Local Score

Initial Score – 41%
Improved Score – 92%

Strengthening their local visibility, enabling the salon to better connect with the nearby community and attract more local customers.

Voice Search Readiness

Initial Score – 45%
Improved Score – 85%

Preparing for the future of search by ensuring compatibility with voice search platforms, allowing Effusive Hair Salon to tap into this emerging trend.

These improvements collectively resulted in a substantial boost to their Visibility Score, indicating a significant leap from their initial baseline and demonstrating the effectiveness of their SEO and online listing management strategy.


In a competitive market, a strong online presence is essential to attracting new clients for Effusive Hair Salon and staying ahead of the competition.

Venice Web Design’s ethical, organic approach to digital marketing and visibility enhancement led to these remarkable results.

If you or someone you know is seeking to boost their online presence, we urge you to consider our SEO services. Contact Venice Web Design today to embark on your path to online success and increased visibility.

Your future customers are waiting to discover your business, and we are here to make that discovery happen.


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